Our #1 Recommendation for Magnesium Oil

Why is this our top recommendation?

Because Ancient Minerals contains ONLY Magnesium Chloride oil, which is not absorbed in the digestive tract like other types of magnesium supplements, thus it won’t upset your stomach. Per 30ml of oil rubbed into your skin, provides 3300mg of ‘elemental magnesium’ that goes to work, balancing the cellular structure of your body – literally, within minutes of being applied.

One of its first tasks is to ‘de-stress’ the body, having a calming effect on you, because it triggers the chief hormone of your body DHEA. This hormone controls all others in the body.

Good Health Naturally offer several options, including a choice of quantities — plus you can get a bottle FREE.

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Click here for the 8oz. Magnesium Oil Spray
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Click here for the 8oz Magnesium Gel Plus
Click here for the 64oz original Magnesium Gel Plus
Click here for the 6.50lb Professional Strength Magnesium Bath Flakes
Click here for the 1.65lb single use Magnesium Bath Flakes
Click here for the 32 lb (4 x 3.6kg) Magnesium Bath Flakes

Problems Sleeping?

Magnesium Oil and ‘Relaxwell’ is Your Insomnia Cure

The combination of magnesium oil and ‘Relaxwell’ is a superior combination of natural minerals and B-vitamins that will control stress hormones, help with anxiety and relieve restlessness at the most important times of the day.

Suitable for vegetarians.

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