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I am Andy James, and I’ve set up this site after suffering greatly with my health over the last 10 years. After a car crash almost took my life at the end of 2003, I spent four long months in a hospital bed, 3 weeks of which was in an induced coma – to prevent me feeling the pain of the accident and subsequent surgeries.

After my stint in hospital, I returned twice more for further surgeries in the following two months, to relieve internal abscesses. I was unable to walk unaided for 18 months, and was left with  temporary openings on my abdomen which connected to my large colon (called a fistula). I wore 4 separate stoma bags for the first year, then just one until the end of 2011, when I needed more surgery to correct a stricture that developed in bowel.

After a sigmoidectomy (a rather intrusive operation to remove my sigmoid colon), I suffered several infections while in hospital and finally left after almost a months stay. I was again unable to walk, but for this time, only six months. I was left with circulation problems after suffering a rather large blood clot in my left groin, called a DVT. I must wear compression stockings for the rest of my life to help my circulation – they contract tightly around both my ankles and lower legs, to push the blood back up my body.

Although the stockings do help, they are a far cry from a cure – thus my search for natural and organic therapies to further help my blood circulate my body. I’ve tried nattokinase, krill oil and now magnesium oil which I am finding has made a huge difference to the quality of my life. My ankles no longer resemble elephants feet and are free from bruising.

I have made no other changes to my life apart from using natural treatments, so I do hope you enjoy my site and discover for yourself, the health benefits of magnesium oil. And please, if you cannot find something here on my site, feel free to use the site search feature up on the right sidebar or leave your questions on any relevant page.

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