Magnesium Oil Can Help Relieve the Symptoms of Many Health Conditions

In this section of the site we delve deep into the many health concerns people have, that can be helped by using magnesium oil. For too long, people have been using dangerous medicines and NSAID's for pain relief, and also the wrong types of supplementation for some conditions. We discuss those conditions here, and decide if magnesium oil is the best choice to help.

Magnesium Oil and Pregnancy

Magnesium oil is a vital mineral for pregnant women, more so than calcium which doctors normally prescribe for eclampsia and preeclampsia. Magnesium reduces risk of premature delivery and SIDS.

Magnesium Oil Benefits for Skin

Magnesium oil has soothing and repairing benefits for skin. It helps to clean out pores, fight acne, prevent wrinkles and even protect from sun spots. But does applying magnesium oil burn the skin?

Magnesium Oil for Depression and Anxiety

Can you eliminate depression and anxiety symptoms with Magnesium Oil? Or should you take anti-depressants prescribed by your doctor, which will just prolong your problems?

Magnesium Oil for Muscle Pain Relief

Can Magnesium oil offer muscle pain relief, and should serious gym ‘nuts’ use it to help sooth broken down muscles? Wouldn’t it be simpler to use anti-inflammatory pills and gels? Maybe not.

Can Magnesium Oil Help with Arthritis and Joint Pain?

STOP using Aspirin and NSAID’s for Arthritis and joint pain, because they are making your condition worse. Here is why, and how magnesium oil could benefit your symptoms.

Can Magnesium Oil Help You to Sleep Better?

The benefits of magnesium oil to your sleep pattern, are untold. You can reduce cortisol, boost the sleep hormone melatonin and increase the kidney hormone, renin reducing nighttime urination.

Magnesium Oil for Hair Loss, Hair Growth, and Gray Hair

Is there any truth in Magnesium Oil helping people with grey hair to restore natural color? Or stop the spread of baldness, and even alopcia – here are the answers you’ve been looking for.