Our #1 Recommendation for Magnesium Oil

Per 30ml of oil rubbed into your skin, provides 3300mg of ‘elemental magnesium’ that goes to work, balancing the cellular structure of your body – literally, within minutes of being applied.


We have several options, including a choice of quantities, plus you can get a bottle FREE.

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The Pain Genie Scenar – Complete Pain Relief

A completely safe, non-invasive way to regulate homeostasis and stimulate the central nervous system.

The Pain Genie Scenar is an advanced pain relief device which encourages the body’s own biological make up, particularly neuropeptides.

Get pain relief from an endless list of health problems like carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, migraine, sciatica, soft and connective tissue strains, back pain, tennis elbow, arthritis and more. (Pain Genie is not a multi-buy product)

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Pure Concentrated Organic Minerals™

Contains highest level of antioxidants and fulvic content.

  • 18 amino acids
  • Plant based
  • Natures most bio-ionically transferable minerals
  • Trace elements
  • Healthy skin, brain function, boosted stamina and much more!

The botanical life and death cycle over millions of years, gradually forming rare fulvic mineral deposits.

Such a deposit is the source of the fulvic minerals and the organic acids contained in Good Health Naturally Pure Concentrated Organic Minerals™ with Fulvic Acid.

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Problems Sleeping?

Relaxwell is Your Insomnia Cure

The combination of magnesium oil and ‘Relaxwell’ is a superior combination of natural minerals and B-vitamins that will control stress hormones, help with anxiety and relieve restlessness at the most important times of the day.

Suitable for vegetarians.

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